54SU in Malaysia

A view of 54SU compound at RAF Seletar Singapore during 'Konfrontasi'. Alan Pinder.

Two Spec Ops monitoring radio communications. Somewhere in Malaysia during Konfrontasion. Alan Pinder.

Unit on location in Kuala Terengganu on the Malay Peninsular. Alan Pinder.

The Wireless Fitter's tented accommodation and workshop. Alan Pinder.

Supply drop by Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer aircraft. Titi, Negeri Sembilan, Malay Peninsular. Alan Pinder.

A brief halt somewhere on the Malay Peninsular. Sadly 3 out of the 5 'warriors' on here are no longer with us. Alan Pinder.

Unit im semi-hidden state somewhere on the Malay Peninsular Alan Pinder.

Another Peninsular location. Alan Pinder.

A fine bunch of 'warriors' on detachment to Gong Kedah, Terengganu North Malaya. Now a Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Base. Almost a complete self-contained unit. In this picture; 13 Spec Ops + 1 taking photo, 1 W/Op, 2 Wireless Fitters, 2 Cooks, 1 Electrician, 1 Medic, 1 Officer i/c unit (Engineer), hands in pockets setting bad example to those correctly attired lads! 1 MT Fitter absent. Alan Pinder.

Spec Ops eavesdropping on an army exercise in Singapore. Good practice. Alan Pinder.

54SU Convoy on the road, Malay Peninsular. Alan Pinder.

Experiments with a Met baloon to lift an antena in jungle locations. Alan Pinder.

A Belvedere drops in at TITI. Photo: Alan Pinder

Collins KWM 2 Transceiver Land Rover mounted used to contact base. Alan Pinder.

54SU personnel 1968 prior to departure of the '4 year tour element'. Many 'new' staff in the picture. Alan Pinder.

54SU, first detachment to Changkat, south of Penang. Autumn 1964. John Barry.

Vehicle leaving 54SU HQ for detachment. John Barry.

Detachment to Trengannu. John Barry.

On site Trengannu, vehicles disguised as 'umpires', hence the +. John Barry.

Sunset Trengannu. John Barry.

Aerial view of unit at Sek Kong, Hong Kong NT. Note trenches dug to take rain water away. John Barry.

Another aerial view, unit at Sek Kong. John Barry.

Flooded site, Labuan N. Borneo. John Barry.

Sunday lunch menu on detachment. One of the unit cooks on left of pic. John Barry.

Four of the units atheletic types having run to the top of a hill adjacent to Sek Kong Site. No idea who the interloper is on the right, not of the unit. John Barry.

A Blackburn Beverly aircraft with part of the unit on board arriving Kai Tak, Hong Kong. John Barry.

A shot taken from a Beverly whilst on the ground at Saigon when the Vietnam war was at its height. John Barry.

The 'Troops' packing a trailer with tentage in preparation for detachment to a location on the Malay Peninsular. John Barry

All hands on deck. 1 x Sgt MT Fitter, 1 Sgt Electrician and one W/op attempting to drain water from site. Labuan. Alan Pinder.

A shady spot on detachment, ablution/shower and toilet facilities may be seen to right of picture. Alan Pinder

Flooded road N. Malaya, Checking depth,. Found to be too deep, convoy had to find alternate route. Alan Pinder

Convoy in retreat, just as well consider ing the Gurkha 3-Tonner did not make it. Alan Pinder

Launch of the experimental 'Dustbin' antenna. Johore. Alan Pinder.

A number of photos of the special mobile signals unit 54SU RAF in various locations in Malaysia,  Singapore and Hong Kong New Territories I am indebted to  Alan Pinder and John Barry for allowing me to use their photos. Credits are given against each picture. Apologies if I have incorrectly credited anyone, if so perhaps the photographer will let me know.

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