Email 5. Nov, 2022

Bob Hartley

Further to my last email. I forgot to mention that I was also at CK2 64-67 and was working in T/A on the air problem when not at Labuan.

Email 4. Nov, 2022

Bob Hartley

Glad to have found your site. I was at DSB/D in 1963 (Aust Army). See separate email

Email Website 31. Jul, 2017


I am really glad to find your site, it so helpful to me, thank u!

Email 10. May, 2017

Mike Greatorex

Loved the photo's, I was on 54 from late 69 to about 73 when at Diggers. Recognised Brian Philips but nobody else unfortunately. Said Brian peeling spuds "somewhere in Germany".

Email Website 10. Feb, 2017


Your site is designed well.

Email Website 21. Jan, 2017


Glad to visit your site.

Email Website 19. Dec, 2016


Nice website !

Email 30. Aug, 2016

Paul Beaumont

Excellent site Chris

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05.05 | 11:34

Hello Simon, first of all thanks for visiting my site. Regretably that is not a name known to me but hopefully someone may remember him. Best regards, Chris

04.05 | 19:53

Hi, does anyone remember Denis Walden who spent a number of years at the station?

27.12 | 13:17

Can't say for sure David as that was long after my time there, Do know however that until the closure the main interest would have continued to have been the Eastern Bloc.

26.12 | 18:34

What was the ACARA Linear Array aerial installation in the fields at CSOS Cheadle around 1966 used for?